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Patient Education: Birth Control Counseling

Patient Education: Birth Control Counseling

The rate of unintended pregnancy continues to rise each year. At Arkell Walk-In Clinic & Arkell Pharmacy, a trusted and well-established medical clinic in Ontario, we provide birth control counseling to patients and their best options.

Birth control methods vary widely on their efficacy. There are several reasons why contraceptives fail, including incorrect use and failure of the medication, device, or the method itself. Overall, birth control methods that are designed for use at or near the time of sex are generally less effective than other birth control methods. Our walk-in clinic in Guelph can help educate you more about this matter.

It can be difficult to decide which birth control method is best because of the wide variety of options available. This is why our family doctor accepting new patients to ensure that we can cater to the healthcare needs of people in the community.

The best method is one that you will use consistently, is acceptable to you and your partner, and does not cause bothersome side effects. Our pharmacy in Guelph has an emerging role as a contraceptive provider. We are a licensed pharmacy qualified to prescribed contraceptives. With this new opportunity, we are prepared to properly assess and screen patients before contraceptive initiation. We select the best product for our patients, provide effective counseling, and make necessary adjustments when patients experience adverse effects and other challenges.

To avail of this type of service, our pharmacy and family doctor in Guelph is here for you. Visit us today or you may call our lines. We look forward to providing you with care.

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