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Savvy Tips when Shopping for OTC Meds

Savvy Tips when Shopping for OTC Meds

Through the years, OTCs have been impressive easy-to-purchase treatments for any minor health issue.

OTCs or over the counter drugs are medicines you purchase without the need for a doctor’s prescription. They are easily accessible, and they come with wide selections.

If a current health condition is prompting you to visit a pharmacy and get your needed OTC drug, be careful not to do so without proper thought. Here are 4 savvy tips when purchasing OTC meds:

  1. Care to check the medicine’s Labels.

    Don’t just skim through the labels; carefully run through them. Even if you can hardly pronounce the med’s name right, what’s more important is that you are aware of its active and inactive ingredients, as well as what the med is specifically intended for. Other than that, heed the warnings of OTC drugs pertaining to your underlying health conditions. Be sure that the product does not interfere with a disease you have and the meds used to treat it. As a customer, it is important that you don’t leave the store unaware of the nature of the meds you are taking with you.

  2. Care to know your allergic reactions.

    Be well-informed about the ingredients in meds that give you allergic reactions. As you look through meds’ labels, you are able to identify if their active ingredients are safe for your body. If they are, there should be nothing wrong about purchasing them. If they cause you side effects, the next option at hand is to find an alternative drug which still carries the same quality and effectiveness.

  3. Care to heed the pharmacist’s voice.

    There are times when you can self-diagnose, and there are times when the best resolve for your condition is to consult a pharmacist. This saves you from wasteful spending, purchasing ineffective meds for your condition, and ending up untreated. Recognize pharmacists’ knowledge and expertise, and seek their assistance in helping you find the exact med you need for your condition. Also get them to explain the specific purpose of the med, its proper dosage, its contents, its possible side effects, and how much it shall cost.

  4. Care to explain your condition precisely.

    As you seek help from a pharmacist, you can also return the help by explaining your exact condition – enumerating the pains and struggles you go through, specifying the length of time your sickness has been existing, and sharing your symptoms. This saves the pharmacist from having a difficult time identifying the perfect med for you. The better and more accurate you explain your case, the easier the pharmacist can come up with a reliable and effective solution for your health.

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