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Well-Baby Visit: What to Expect with Physical Exams

Well-Baby Visit What to Expect with Physical Exams

If adults need regular doctor’s appointments, how much more the infants? The baby version of regular trips to a walk-in clinic in Guelph, Canada is the well-baby visit. These are essential visits to monitor the infant’s normal growth and development. This is also the time when babies are given their appropriate vaccine to strengthen their immunity against infection that their fragile age is not yet ready for.

As early as your newborn’s third day, they can already be brought to their well-baby exam. The obvious exam that the pediatrician will conduct on your baby is their physical aspect, particularly from their heads to toes. In your baby’s physical exam, you can expect their doctor to check on the following:

  • Head
    The pediatrician will check on your infant’s head especially the fontanels or soft spots. These spots are actually gaps between skull bones giving your infant’s brain to grow. Their doctor will also measure your baby’s head to see if it’s growing normally.
  • Ears
    The ears will have to be checked for infection or unpleasant fluid. Doctors will use the otoscope to verify the baby’s healthy ears. They will also check if your infant is responding well to sounds.
  • Eyes
    The eyes will also be checked to track their eye movements. They will use the instrument called ophthalmoscope.
  • Mouth
    Your baby can develop a yeast infection in the tongue, so doctors will have to check their mouths. You could also be asked about incidences of drooling and chewing, which are common signs of teething.
  • Skin
    Their skin can develop rashes so their doctors need to identify if their skin is developing normally. Appropriate treatments will be prescribed by our medical clinic in Guelph.
  • Heart and lungs
    The doctor will also listen to your baby’s heartbeat as well as their breathing to check if they’re functioning normally. Any possible abnormality will be referred to a specialist.
  • Abdomen
    Your doctor can detect abdominal or intestinal troubles just by gently pressing your baby’s abdomen. Early detection can provide early intervention.
  • Hips and legs
    The doctor will also check for possible leg abnormalities or growth delays on your baby’s legs. Joint dislocations or hip problems can occur even in babies.
  • Genitals
    The pediatrician will also look over your baby’s genitals for possible lumps or infection. Female infants are observed for possible discharge while male infants have to be checked if their testes have descended well.

Don’t miss these well-baby visits. You wouldn’t want to go through sleepless nights just because they have conditions treatable in well-baby visits. Being able to stay updated with your baby’s health will prepare you for the right action to take. In cases where your doctor prescribes medications, you can always secure them at our pharmacy in Guelph.

Do you have urgent concerns about your baby’s health? Bring them to our care at Arkell Walk-In Clinic & Arkell Pharmacy. We have doctors ready to assist you and provide the appropriate prescription as necessary.

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